Bianca Bagatourian is an playwright and photographer based in Los Angeles and London with work exhibited worldwide. An avid photographer since graduating from the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California. Her conceptual photography is inspired by the literature of different cultures, from Africa to Asia to the Middle East. This, coupled with her deep concern about climate change, constitutes the focus of her visual art.

"My work is the culmination of a lifetime of drawing, designing, traveling and story-telling that has mainly risen from my love of city life and all the interesting nooks and crannies that make up the dynamics of each city. This mish-mash of cultures, sounds, ethnicities, colors and textures have all slowly crept into my view of the world!"

Digital art is so alive! It is freeing. As our world changes, so do the means and ways of creating art. All of my photography is done on an iPhone and edited on iPad. You can work anywhere in the world and you need very few tools. And most exciting of all is the speed! I am able to be much more instinctive than ever before because it all happens instantaneously. A little like riding a bike, you hold the handlebars and the work re-imagines itself with the slightest turn of the hand. You can take many risks and then go right back. This is a great change from previous derivations of photography. With the medium shifting as it has in recent years, I feel I belong in a new breed of artists who straddle the line between old and new technologies.

After I take my photographs, I use various methods of layering and altering to create each art piece. The pictures are always changed to represent something beyond what they ordinarily are, something which I haven’t seen before. Using new tools to make art is exciting. I like painting on glass on top of my photographs with my fingertips. I like switching brushes every moment. I like being able to place multiple perspectives on top of one another with digital collage and endless layering. This unearths surprising narratives that lie hidden deep within.

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Bianca Bagatourian

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